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Somasam: School years starting (it never ended), so I might be a bit less frequent on the forums. Still trying to stay at least semi-active. On an entirely unrelated note, anyone know any good (free) drawing and/or animating softwares? Aug 21, 2017 21:10:19 GMT -8
limith: : Yea my comment was in response to the post ;) Aug 21, 2017 22:05:28 GMT -8
limith: I actually got in via the forums about 5 months after the kickstarter Aug 21, 2017 22:06:33 GMT -8
limith: They were taking manual orders via emails in Feb 2016 Aug 21, 2017 22:06:43 GMT -8
limith: Blender is free. Also autodesk (back in the day circa 2009) offered free Maya for students. In terms of editing images, I recommend Paint.Net or Pinta over GIMP. Aug 21, 2017 22:09:34 GMT -8
limith: OpenCanvas is also pretty cheap, on steam, and was in the summer sale for a very low price (it's only $50). Aug 21, 2017 22:11:29 GMT -8
limith: There was also some Japanese only manga software that worked better than photoshop I don't remember the name of. Aug 21, 2017 22:12:12 GMT -8
limith: It was designed for high resolution images as Photoshop is a memory hog. Aug 21, 2017 22:12:22 GMT -8
Magpie: - Because I am such a good soul how about I store that Sumika here and take care of it and you can hold onto the good feeling as a result of support them with bringing Muv Luv to the West? :D Aug 21, 2017 22:15:44 GMT -8
limith: It had a free shareware version before they went commercial. I don't remember where the executable of the last free shareware version went. I'm not a good artist unfortunately. Aug 21, 2017 22:16:22 GMT -8
limith: idk what's the cost of shipping to UK. Aug 21, 2017 22:17:05 GMT -8
Magpie: For a minute there I thought I was going to get a drill milky punch - phew. Aug 21, 2017 22:18:47 GMT -8
limith: I mostly wanted the codex/compendium Aug 21, 2017 22:23:24 GMT -8
limith: If you want the figure I'd trade it. Aug 21, 2017 22:24:26 GMT -8
limith: For a sunrider mech or something. Then again I probably have no place for the mech lol Aug 21, 2017 22:24:52 GMT -8
limith: Maybe I'll gift it to my cousin who likes mechs, cept she's in China...hmmmm Aug 21, 2017 22:26:02 GMT -8
jack: Krita GIMP and Paint.Net for 2D stuff. Blender is good for 3D . I use Krita and GIMP for my sprites and post graphics editing. Aug 22, 2017 18:07:13 GMT -8
jack: Belive you are thinking about painttool SAI. Aug 22, 2017 18:21:58 GMT -8
Somasam: Thanks guys. How about 2D animations? Stuff like Flash, I guess, or otherwise. I'd be drawing most of the frames I'd think, at the very least. Aug 22, 2017 22:22:48 GMT -8
jack: Are you talking animations, as in cut in effects, or as in videos? Aug 22, 2017 23:22:04 GMT -8